PageRank (PR) is a link analysis algorithm created by Google to rate the importance of every single link on a website //
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Your Quick and Dirty (100% Free) PageRank Check, Validator and Realtime PR Button

Have You Ever Heard This?
Google servers are spread in several datacenters and updates take time to propagate. The solution: check PageRank on over 20 servers!

Several Websites Owner?
No problem! Fire up our Multi PageRank Check tool to investigate up to 25 websites with a single click.

Want a Free PageRank Button?
We are here to help, our Free PageRank Button lets you show PageRank on your Web site in several flavours, without setup. Easy and free!

Outgoing Links Rating?
Validate PageRank for all outgoing links with our smart PageRank Crawler tool.

Are They Faking PageRank?
Send our Fake Rank Check tool to verify any website for faked PageRank and wait for the answer! .

PageRank Check

Check PageRank on more than 20 Google servers

Multi Site PageRank Check

Check PageRank for up to 25 given domains

PageRank Button

Free Google PageRank Display for your site.

PageRank Crawler

Reports the PageRank of a given site and all outgoing links

Fake PageRank Check

Investigate a domain for faked PageRank